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Janet Wooten

My name is Janet Langston Wooten. I come from a long line of farmers. In fact, as far back as I can remember, I have wanted to live in the country. When my family moved from Greenville, SC back to the Pee Dee area in which may parents grew up, I lobbied hard for a house we looked at that was only a half a mile away from my maternal grandmother on Langston Rd. But the better schools of Florence and the small, dilapidated condition of that property eventually landed us in a suburban neighborhood. Shortly after that when my Grandpa died, I tried to convince my parents to let me go live with Grandma so she wouldn’t be lonely – no luck. So I had to sustain myself with the many hours of running through the fields, playing in the water moccasin laced branch, ‘helping’ my uncle at his dairy, riding the horses there and participating in the annual planting, harvesting and preserving the bounty of the garden that nourished us through the winters. All of my term papers from high school were written on the rug in front of the fireplace in Grandma’s living room. The uninhabited dirt roads that surrounded those 100 acres are probably still haunted by my sorrowful heart. They gave me the comformt I needed when my mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer when I was 16 and died 5 years later.

Fast forward 21 years and travel 2.5 hours south east to 186 acres in Aiken County and you will find an older, wiser me living and thriving in a place my heart has belonged for as far back as my memory can recall. I am home. This is the home of my heart. The place I dreamed of in 1989, 6 years before I met my husband and 9 years before God brought us to this old farm. It has a rich history of its own that goes back at least as far as 1862. Maybe one day I will share some of that story here, but for now, as always, there are chores and tasks that need doing and only Frank and me to do them . . .

Frank Wooten

My name is Frank S. Wooten Sr. I am a natural born “country boy” who just happened to be born and raised in the ‘Big?” city of Columbia, SC. Educated locally at University of SC with a BS in Civil Engineering. Employed 36 years at South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCANA). Retired in 2007. Never thought that I would ever escape from Columbia, but through God’s remarkable Grace, I have ended up here at HIGH COTTON FARM in Wagener, SC. My wife and I own and operate a farm raising Coastal Bermuda hay for horses and are starting our herd of Kiko goats to be sold as breeding stock and for meat.
As you can tell from the above info, Janet is the more “wordy” of the household.

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