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Welcome to High Cotton Farm

We strive to produce top quality Kikos throughout our breeding program. Our goats display the common characteristics of the Kiko-hardiness, quick growth rate, good body mass, able to thrive on diverse forage with little to no supplementation, little assistance needed during kidding, and minimal parasite control.

Goat Meat is the most widely consumed meat in the world. There are few, if any, religious taboos limiting goat meat consumption. In fact, goat meat is an important component of the traditions of Hindu and Muslim faiths.

The largest producers of goat meat are the largest consumers, but not the largest importers or exporters. The United States of America is the top importer of goat meat. In the United States alone, the number of goats slaughtered has doubled every 10 years, for the past 3 decades and with its popularity growing the domestic goat producers cannot keep up with the demand.

Currently goat is consumed by several ethnic cultures and has not been included in the typical American diet.
Goat meat is nutritionally a great choice. It is lower in calories, cholesterol, fat, and saturated fat than beef, chicken, pork or lamb, and has almost as much protein.

Here at High Cotton Farm we look forward to promoting goat as an alternative and additional food choice.

Please enjoy your visit to our site, here you will find additional information on the Kiko breed and goat as a food choice, get to know our herd and see our goat sales page.

We look forward to helping you find the right goat for your own herd or for your table!

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